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Dawn | Alvorada

The morning of December 1st begins as early as 6 am with the start of the Municipal Band of Santa Cruz, the official entities of the county and some popular who sing and dance together, while making the journey between the House of Culture of Santa Cruz and Praça João de Freitas. Then a staging takes place next to the building of the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz, whose main objective is to portray the day of restoration of independence.
This event counts on the participation of hundreds of people who really want to watch this beautiful play. At the end of the staging, liquors, cookies, and other delicacies are distributed among the spectators, while the band and the other entities continue their journey and stop at the main points, shopping facilities of the parish of Santa Cruz. Finally, in Praceta Olavo Garcês, Casa do Povo offers the traditional chicken soup and the traditional wine and garlic pork sandwiches known as sandes de carne vinha d'alhos.

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